What better to fill a new house than a few pets. Our most unusual pet is our ball python. We never did name her... we just call her "snake". She can't hear so what's the use calling her? She is actually very gentle and doesn't bite people... only rodents. We also have our cat "Charlie". He is also referred to as "Dipstick" (look at his tail), "Mr. Underfoot", and most often by Steve - "Stupid Cat". Last is our dog, "Dixie". She we got her from a friend who adopted her from a shelter. She has had a very hard life so she is very shy.
Yes, I'm a snake. Leave me alone... I'm taking a bath!
Waiter, bring me the fluffy white one and some cheese dip!
I like kids, they're much cooler than the bigger humans!
Oooh yeah, it's good to be king.
Whadda you mean yer goin' to work? You forgot me! Don't leave me hangin' here!
I wonder what's out there... I bet I could chase one of those bushy-tailed mice!
Charlie and Dixie are best buddies - when Charlie isn't kicking Dixie's butt.
Dixie at her favorite pastime - sleeping.