Just as every superhero needs a sidekick, a brave knight needs minions. Now, my sidekicks are not likely to say "Great pummeling polearms super Isenwulf, we really whacked those guys good". But they are useful for tossing in the path of a platemail-wearing duke to slow him down enough to make a quick getaway. Seriously though, it's my job to train them and their job to work hard and become kick-butt fighters so they are more than just a speedbump for that platemail-wearing duke.
Sabina of Kilkenny has been my lady-at-arms for a number of years. Her most potent weapons are the Flirt and the Taunt. She guards my back against those who would attack me either by force or by treachery. Her favorite phrase to would-be back-stabbers is "Don't make me mash you."
She is a fierce fighter on the field but while in armor is often eager to show off her assets.
My fist squire, Kjott Thorgrimsson can usually be seen running around the tourney field in striped pants as is often done by Norsemen. In the picture on the left I am accepting fealty from him in the squiring ceremony. He is a pretty good singles fighter and is learning the ins and outs of melee combat (pillage, then burn).
My newest squire is Lothar Hugelvolk. He is can be seen in his squiring ceremony in the picture on the left, and wielding a spear in the picture above.