House Project
We spend as much time as we can working on the house we bought in October of 2002. It's a Victorian style house that was built in 1920. It was used as a rental property before we bought it and we are converting it to a single-family home as well as making some improvements that will make it more pleasant to look at.
Here's how the house looked when we bought it.
We added some landscaping to the front, mostly to not have to mow the steep bank.
The place had butt-ugly brownish walls and the white moulding showed off any dirt or dust.
We repainted the walls white and went with sky-blue moulding for a more pleasing effect.
The dining room didn't look bad to begin with.
But we added our own flair to it.
The main entryway has a stained glass window and oak bannister. We plan to take out a wall to open up this area and restore some woodwork that was damaged.
The stone mantle in the downstairs living room is in good condition. The fireplace is blocked off but we plan to eventually make it into a gas fireplace.